Grid-Tie Solar Solutions

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Grid-Tie Solar Electric (PV) Solutions in Tennessee!

Grid Tie Solar Energy Power Solutions

Due to a combination of TVA’s Generation Partner Program and the 30% Federal Tax Credit incentive, solar gives a steady return on investment that beats Bank CD & Annuity rates. It can also give you a measure of “insurance” against future electric rate increases by selling your solar generation back to TVA at prices currently more than double what you pay for your incoming power. As the power rates go up, so does your solar credit. TVA contracts for a premium payment for 10 years. Many people want to have “zero” electric bill, and in most cases going off-grid isn’t the right financial choice, but we can evaluate all your options. A “zero” electric bill is much easier to achieve with TVA’s program, as you only have to generate about half of your power usage to have a credit equal to your usage charges. Some of our clients receive checks every month, quarter, or year for the power they’ve sold to TVA in excess of their billed usage. As a general rule, you can expect to receive an average $25/month electric bill credit for every Kilowatt (KW) of solar panels installed. Contact us today for a custom analysis of your situation.