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Back-up power solutions in Tennessee

Mainstream Green offers back-up power solutions for almost any budget, including conventional gasoline powered generators (starting less than $500), automatic standby generators (natural gas or Propane powered) that come on automatically during a power outage, emergency solar generators (no fuel required except sunlight) or grid-tied solar systems with battery backup & special inverters. Further information is listed below for each solution.

Conventional Generators

Mainstream Green is a Generac generator dealer. Generac manufactures high quality American-made conventional gasoline powered generators from 800 to 11,000 Watts and Guardian Automatic Standby generators from 7,000 to 17,000 Watts. Click on the link to Generac’s website for more information about Generac generators. For short to medium term outages (less than 2 weeks), a conventional generator is often the most cost-effective solution, with costs typically ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size of the generator. A traditional generator can provide sufficient power to run many or even all the power needs for your home without sacrificing much comfort. However, for longer-term outages, fuel could quickly become hard to find and very expensive. A 5 KW generator can use over 100 gallons of gasoline to run 7 days continuously at 75% load. An automatic Guardian generator runs on natural gas or propane, eliminating the hassle of refueling a gasoline powered generator. Guardian generators are wired into your home’s wiring with special transfer switches to protect critical circuits. In the event of an outage, they will automatically start and transfer power from the generator to the home. When utility power is restored, they will automatically transfer back to utility power and shut down the generator. Contact us for more information or an analysis & quote.

Solar Energy Generators

If you want to provide emergency power for your home or business for longer-term power outages , you may want to consider a solar generator or a hybrid-grid-tie system with battery backup. There are benefits & drawbacks to each type of system.

A solar generator is basically a small off-grid system, with no connection to the electric grid. Not being connected to the grid lowers the chance of damage from an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP (such as could result from a massive solar flare). We offer solar generators with inverters up to 5,000 watts. 120 Volt and 240 Volt inverters are available. Large loads (such as window air conditioners, space heaters, conventional refrigerators) can be run for brief periods using a large inverter, but if the load is more than the power supplied by the solar panels, the batteries will be drained. Once the batteries are drained, they must be recharged using solar power (or a small generator and a battery charger). We have a 1,000 watt solar generator installed on our 16’ shop trailer that powers our tools at jobsites. Its single battery is charged with 200 watts of solar panels. We offer solar generators starting at $998, including sales tax. Contact us for more information or an analysis & quote.

Grid-Tied Solar Energy Systems with Battery Backup

A hybrid-grid tie system allows you to sell power back to the utility and still have solar & battery power available if the grid goes down. These systems cost more due to their large battery banks, special inverters, and more complex wiring. Contact us for more information or an analysis & quote.