About Us

Learn more about us and how we can help you save money with Solar Energy Power Systems!

About Mainstream Green Solutions

Mainstream Green is a locally owned business near Lexington, TN founded in 2009 and conveniently located in West Tennessee. We operate our business under 2 guiding principles:

Our first principle is the Golden Rule - we propose solutions that we’d want offered if we were in your position. Whether you have a new construction home, existing business, farm or home, need off-grid/ backup power, or materials only, we’ll help you evaluate your options.

Our second principle is being a good steward of the environment . We sometimes inform prospective clients they can get a better return by investing their energy savings $ elsewhere (i.e.: if you don’t have energy efficient windows & doors - they’re usually a faster payback on reducing electric costs than a solar system). Much of what we do is consumer education, as solar energy power is relatively new to TN. TVA’s solar program (Generation Partners) is very unique when compared with much of the country, and much better than most state’s net-metering programs.

Our people are our # 1 asset. Our experience goes beyond solar. We work with reputable licensed electricians & HVAC installers to deliver your energy saving project. In addition to having NABCEP and Sharp Certified PV Solar installers, we provide detailed cash flow projections that you can take to your accountant for confirmation. We’ll even meet with your accountant if you want- we let the numbers speak for themselves. Our backgrounds include business finance, accounting, and engineering, so we can provide you with a complete picture of your solar investment. Many accountants still haven’t had to deal with the various tax incentives that help make solar energy power systems a solid investment, but we can help them navigate the ever-changing incentives. Contact us for more information or an analysis & quote. Be sure to check out our services page to learn more about how we can help you make the move to solar energy savings!